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Lightning protection systems (Lightning Rods) are designed to help prevent damage and potential fires that lightning may cause. This is done by reducing the flow of electrical energy (lightning) traveling through flammable building materials in structures.

Lightning Rods

Lightning rod systems are technically called Faraday Cage Lightning Protection Systems. The Faraday cage owes its name to its inventor, British scientist Michael Faraday and was invented in the year 1836. Texas Lightning Rod Company is a preferred installer and dealer for Lightning Rod Protection Systems, particularly the Faraday Cage. The Faraday Cage is composed of a system of lightning protection points (lightning rods), cable conductors and grounds that must be installed in a very specific way.

Standard Faraday Cage Lightning Protection Systems

A standard Faraday Cage Lightning Protection System is comprised of Strike Termination Devices (air terminals) along the ridges, flat-roof portions and perimeters. These lightning rods are interconnected with specialized lightning protection conductor cable coursed throughout the building and terminating at grounding locations.

This is the most well known and common lightning protection system and is certifiable by Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

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Faraday Cage Lightning Protection Systems

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