Early Streamer Emission Lightning Protection Systems. (E.S.E.)

Early Streamer Emission Lightning Protection Systems. (E.S.E.)

Early streamer emission ese lightning protection systems

Texas Lightning Rod Company is a premier lightning protection design and installation company for the ESE Lightning Preventor. We are based in Austin, Texas and service the entire Mid-West United States: Kansas, North Dakota, South Dakota, Louisiana and beyond. This system is known as an Early Streamer Emission lightning protection system and is manufactured by Lightning Preventor of America, a division of Heary Brothers Lightning Protection Co., Inc. Heary Brothers are a top manufacturer for lightning protection systems since 1885. We are one of their preferred contractors.

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Lightning Preventors are dynamic in operation. Whenever a storm cloud approaches a building with lightning preventors or other lightning protection systems (such as lightning rods), the electric ion field increases between the cloud and ground. Those ions will constantly flow from the lightning protection system carrying some of the ground ion charges towards the cloud which will reduce the intensity of the charge between the lightning rod ground and the storm cloud. The ESE Lightning Preventor system will reduce the charge for the time while the storm clouds are passing by which prevents lightning from striking.

The Lightning Preventor is a complete lightning protection system which will reduce these tensions and prevent the discharge of lightning. During very intense storms, the charge may be too strong to completely prevent the lightning from striking. When this happens, the E.S.E. lighting preventor system will emit an ion stream (hence the name “early streamer”) into the atmosphere which balances the electrical potential between the protected building and the cloud- without allowing a full fledged lightning bolt to form.

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Affordable Lightning Protection in Texas

The E.S.E. Lightning Protection System can be a much more cost effective solution than other types of lightning protection. This is because more than one building can be protected with a single unit. Another advantage is that ESE lightning protection systems protect everything within a 150 foot radius zone of protection. This means that children, pets or other valuables can protected from lightning even if they are located in the yard of a protected structure.

Texas Lightning Rod Company installs lightning preventor systems in compliance of HBP-21 levels 1 & 2. These systems meet the requirements to receive a $10,000,000.00 product liability policy covering structural damage.

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