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Texas Lightning Rod Company Austin, TexasTexas Lightning Rod Company- Austin

Texas Lightning Rod Company is a family owned lightning protection contractor based in Central Texas since 1959. We service the entire Mid-West United States from Texas to North Dakota including the Mountain States and east to Iowa and Wisconsin. Sorry East and West coasts. 🙁

We offer full service design, inspection and installation of all types of lightning protection systems for Residential, Ranch, Farms, Rural, Metal Buildings and Commercial Properties. This includes new construction, retro-fit installation of older systems, safety inspections and lightning protection system repair. If you’ve added new additions to your home or buildings, you should call us to have your lightning rod system updated.

Lightning Protection System Inspections 

Serving the entire MidwestServing the entire Midwest

Lightning rods and lightning protection systems need to be inspected every few years and after new roofs or additions are installed. Improperly installed lightning rods afford no protection whatsoever.

We check for prior lightning strikes, physical damage, improper installation and damage from farm animals and roofers. It’s especially important to make sure that your grounds are in good condition. Ordinary galvanized ground rods usually only last 10 to 15 years in most soils.

We offer free inspections to make sure your family and property are protected from the devastating effects of lightning- nature’s most frequent killer.

Antique Lightning Rods Weather Vanes and Decorative Globes

Rural Traditional Antique Lightning ProtectionTraditional Antique Lightning Protection

Antique lightning rods may be very old but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they aren’t working or can’t be repaired. Call us for free inspections and consultation regarding your antique lightning rod system.

We design and install fully functional Decorative Antique lightning protection systems like this one we installed on a100 hundred year old farm house featured in the movie “Children of the Corn part 4”.

We also sell and install beautiful antique weathervanes and weathervane replicas including rare and valuable glass globes like those pictured here. Call or email for a complete list or brochure.

Metal and Metal Clad Buildings

Lightning Protection for Metal BuildingsLightning Protection for Metal Buildings

Metal and metal clad buildings require complete lightning rod protection systems or lightning preventors the same as any other building. Simply grounding the four corners of the roof or structure will not afford any protection from lightning. In fact, it only makes for an attractive and devastating path through your building.


there are few fire causes against which so reliable a defense is available as a lightning protection system properly made and properly installed

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Call Texas Lightning Rod Company Today. We have mobile professionals who will come to you throughout the Midwest and provide expert inspection, consultation, design and installation of premier lightning rod protection systems and ese (E.S.E.) early streamer emission lightning preventor systems.

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